When learning foreign languages, everybody spends a lot of time recording, training and testing the vocabulary. How much time you will spend, depends on your discipline and the method chosen. viaverbi targets at these two factors.

Vocabulary items you have just learned will be forgotten unless you recall them shortly. In fact, you have to recall every word repeatedly, but the time intervals may grow. And they should grow exponentially. The goal is to repeat a word just shortly before you forget it - this lets you memo-rize items firmly without wasting your time repeating what you already know. Following this method, a few repetitions are sufficient to securely memorize vocabulary and other learning matter in your long-term memory.

The method isn't new: spaced repetition is a well-approved learning technique. Sebastian Leitner developed a flashcard learning system based on spaced repetition that is widely used in school and businesses. It features a card box with usually five trays and a flash card for every word. If you successfully recall a word, you put the card to the next tray; if you fail, the card gets back to the first tray. The first tray is processed daily, while the other trays are processed in increasing intervals. Difficult words stay in the front trays and thus are trained intensively.

viaverbi brings this simple yet striking concept to the macintosh implicating major advantages over the card box. Most important is the exact repetition scheduling on a by-word basis. In viaverbi, every single word cuts its own path through the learning levels until it is memorized. viaverbi is acquainted with every single word and knows when the next test is due. Another benefit is that you can use viaverbi for different languages and other material: you have the freedom to organize your work in lessons and groups. Last but not least viaverbi keeps track of your success and provides a set of statistics and measurement tools.

Apart from spaced repetition, additional test and training modes are available to cover special tasks like exam preparation or recapitulation of former course material. viaverbi confines itself to the subject and designates every option clearly by its educational objective. The user interface follows the learning concept. Trainings and test-sessions always take place in full screen mode to avoid distraction. Because viaverbi forgoes complicated procedures and settings, the software is easy to use and suitable for kids, students and business users.